Curriculum, Resources and Learning, Oh My!

How does an educator know what to teach and how to teach it? What to teach begins with the Colorado Academic Standards, found on the Colorado Department of Education website. 

From a CDE Academic Standards Fact Sheet: Colorado Academic Standards reflect instructional priorities valued by Coloradans and provide a road map to help ensure students are successful in college, careers and life.

Academic standards are what students should know, understand, and be able to do over time, and in various content areas such as English language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, and more. 

Instructional resources are what educators use to support teaching to the academic standard. Educators consider the needs of the students, alignment with academic standards, coherence with other classes/grade levels, and more when selecting resources. The resources must support the educational objectives of the district. This is guided by Board Policy IJ, Instructional Resources & Materials. Often, more than one instructional resource is employed by a teacher to ensure that all students receive the best instruction. 

The term curriculum is used in a variety of ways. A good way to think of it: the curriculum is the sequence of learning experiences, or a series of lessons and academic content. It is anchored in the academic standards and supported by resources. 

Instructional strategies, or pedagogy, refers to how an educator teaches. An example might be project-based learning, or inquiry-based lessons. 

There’s so much more to the overall picture of what goes into teaching & learning, but this provides a bit of an overview with the terms. At the elementary level in CCSD, teams of educators have been exploring experiential learning with a focus on getting students outdoors. This has led to the piloting of Expeditionary Learning modules.

The very best way to learn more about curriculum, resources, standards, and strategies is to visit with one of your child’s teachers. Teaching is an art and a science, and ensuring our kids are prepared when they leave us is core to everything we do. 

News from The Clear Creek Schools Foundation

A new scholarship opportunity is here for seniors! Clear Creek Schools Foundation has launched the first year of the Discovery Scholarship to support a Clear Creek High School graduate that attends a program granting skills certification or an associate's degree. The renewable scholarship will fund 100% of a student's net cost for tuition, fees, and books for up to two academic years and a maximum of $10,000.  Preference will be given to graduating CCHS seniors, students with a history of community engagement or volunteerism and those that demonstrate a financial need. The Spring 2022 applications are due April 30. Discovery Scholarship!

How Schools are Measured

Recently passed into law is a charge to the Colorado Department of Education to evaluate Colorado’s K-12 Accountability System. As a parent, what do you want to know about a school? What measures are important to you when comparing schools? State test scores? College acceptance rates? Industry certificates? Student climate and culture? There’s a lot that goes into how we measure a school’s success. For years, the state accountability system has been heavily dependent on state assessments, or CMAS. 


If you are interested in sharing your perspective with the organization tasked with evaluating the state accountability system, check out the note and link below.


Dear Parents and Families, 

The Human Resources Research Organization (HumRRO) is conducting an independent evaluation of Colorado’s K-12 Education Accountability System on behalf of the Colorado Office of the State Auditor. As part of this evaluation, they are seeking feedback from parents and guardians through an online survey. The purpose of the survey is to understand how families access and use information that the Colorado Department of Education provides about student and school performance. Participation in the survey is voluntary. The survey will take approximately 5 minutes to complete and remain open through April 15. The survey is anonymous and individual responses will remain confidential. Please consider responding so your voice can be heard. 

Upcoming Board of Education Meetings

April 14th, Study Session, 11:30-1:30, Clear Creek High School (live stream only for audience).

April 26th, Business Meeting, 6:00-8:00pm, Clear Creek High School, in person. Note change in date!

Agendas can be found on the CCSD website: