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Mr. Mike's Biography

Hi (insert your name here)!
My name is Michael Dinardo, but I go by Mr. Mike because I like the alliteration. You can always add other adjectives in front of my title like magnificent, mystifying, Machiavellian, miraculous, modest... but I digest. I am a native Coloradan and grew up in the foothills just off C-470 and can't tear myself away from these mountains.
I graduated from The University of Northern Colorado with a degree in Elementary Education and an endorsement in Linguistically and Culturally Diverse Education. 2021 is my 4th year teaching 4th-grade at Carlson Elementary.
I love Colorado's sports teams and Buffalo's as well (my parents grew up in Buffalo). I have played ice hockey my entire life and enjoy the outdoor activities Colorado offers, especially snowboarding. 
Thanks for reading,
Mr. Mike