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Student-Led Conferences

We have changed the structure of conferences to better align with our experiential learning model. Instead of traditional parent-teacher conferences, we shifted to student-led conferences. This practice empowered students, increasing both student agency and accountability. Students led their own conferences, shared their work, reflected on their progress, and discussed what they need to do to continue growing. This isn’t a one-time dog and pony show. In this model, conferences became part of the learning experience for students, giving them an authentic opportunity to practice their leadership and communication skills. Teachers support students throughout the year by helping them to set and reflect on their learning goals, and what they need to do to improve the quality of their work. It’s an ongoing process that supports lifelong learning. 

Families were asked to take a survey following their experience with student-led conferences. 93% of families who responded expressed that they know how to help their students with their learning goals at home. 90% of families rated the experience as good or very good. The other 10% of respondents were neutral.

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