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Carlson students engage in experiential learning that is rigorous, relevant and deeply connected to the community (Carlson’s Gift of Place). Drawing on a strong core curriculum that is standards aligned, experiential learning at Carlson supports deep reflection, critical thinking, connection to community, and high quality work for an authentic purpose.

Experiential Learning at Carlson involves four interrelated student experiences:


EL Education modules teach and assess all grade level ELA standards through engaging 8 week projects. Modules culminate in a performance task that showcases student learning. Not only does Carlson use the curriculum to teach and assess ELA; it  is a launching point for designing experiential learning that is rigorous, relevant, and rooted in Carlson’s Gift of Place.


Eureka Math²® is a Prekindergarten–Algebra I* math program designed to advance equity in the math classroom by helping students build enduring math knowledge. Carlson’s model of experiential learning draws on the Eureka math curriculum to connect math to real-world applications and when possible connected to community and classroom projects.

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The Carlson community considers our school and surrounding nature and community in the Rocky Mountains to be a gift that enriches learning for students and educators. Carlson’s “Gift of Place” is leveraged for learning through nature-based and community-based learning.

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Students use the natural and social environments of their communities as sites for purposeful fieldwork and service connected to academic work. They are active investigators, applying the research tools, techniques of inquiry, and standards of presentation used by professionals in the field.

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