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Building 103 Site Visit

Carlson's first-graders visited the construction site at Building 103 to learn from tool experts as part of their EL literacy module.

The CCSD Bond project is in active construction at Building 103. Abatement is complete. Roofing work is wrapping-up, in advance of winter. Demo and construction has begun, and long lead items are being released. A guaranteed maximum price (GMP) is being finalized for the full building work and is within the forecasted budget. Furniture design with the DOG is also progressing.

The Summer 2023 Bond construction projects completed at, or below, the amended budgets, as planned and forecasted. The overall Bond program continues to maintain a healthy reserve balance, currently being held for unknowns. The bottom-line dollar amount of the overall Bond has increased to over $41.4M, due to over $7M in premium as well as nearly $1.4M in interest earned!


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